Dos Equis Squonker By JD Tech


The Dos Equis Squonker is the meeting point between brass and anodized aluminium. The parts are manufactured in the United States and assembled in the Philippines. It’s look is elegant, without being too plain.

Like on the Dos Equis, the top switch is entirely mechanical. Conductivity is increased, and maintenance made easier. Also worth noting is are the ignition and vent holes in silver plated copper. Beautiful work under the mark of efficacy and elegance.

In line with the high-end Box Bottom Feeder boxes, between the Gloom and the Pulsar, JD Tech hits it out of the park.

Technical features of Dos Equis Squonker by JD Tech:

– Bottom Feeder Mechanical Box

– Made by JD Tech in United States and Philippines

– Single 18650

– Height: 72mm

– Made of brass and anodized aluminium

– Mechanical switch

– TopFire

– Adjustable 510

– Black BFX Cappy 8.5ml Silicone bottle included

– Limited edition

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