Authentic A Tank for the Billet Box


Product Description

The A-Tank is a system comprised of tank and adapter to make use of the Atlantis family of coils. The tank is near identical to the Boro Tank, except for one massive hole in the bottom in which to cram the massive beast that is the Atlantis coil.  The Upper and Lower adapter pieces are turned from 316L Stainless steel.  Made in the USA.

Includes the tank, gasket, glass, upper and lower adapter for the Atlantis family of coils. ****Coil not included!!****

Note on use: When threading on the lower adapter piece to an Atlantis head, take care not to over tighten.  Over tightening will deform the small O-ring/seal on the bottom of the head forcing it to blow out. Tighten it just enough to make a good seal!!!

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