Authentic Copper Saiga Cuprum Mechanical Mod by Caliber Mods


Saiga Cuprum Comp.Mod uses a unique button system, specially designed for it: the F.C.S .. system the F.C.S. system (Full Contact Surface) is equipped with a self-regulating system that utilizes full flat surface contact for energy transfer, thus creating a single body between the key and the body of Saiga Comp.Mod. Thanks to this, the FCS system does not need to use any interlocks or even any conduction threads, further reducing the Voltage Drop and ensuring a significant difference in performance. Cuprum is equipped with an upgraded key system, with a further reduction of travel, with 2 hexagon bushes for easy maintenance. Cuprum Competition Mech Mod is designed, designed and manufactured in Italy. Cuprum Competition Mech Mod is a limited and numbered edition of 100 pieces.

Mod Specifications:

Material: Electrolytic Copper 99.9%

Height: 92mm Max.

Width 27mm Interior wall width 4,7mm

Weight: 245g

Saiga Cuprum is based on a unique button system: F.C.S. system It is based on a Full Contact Surface system, avoiding any conductive threads (except the 510). It works by transferring electricity through enormous surfaces to reduce Voltage Drop at minimum possible. Cuprum has a new upgraded button system with hex screws (instead of Ss v1 pin) for easy disassembly and cleaning. Huge 10 mm Copper Pin for best contact and circular cavity in the center to reduce arching. Easier to clean and low maintenance.

Cuprum is a 100 piece limited edition designed and made in Italy.

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